Top 10 Most Popular Highly Paid Hollywood Actors of all Time

Hollywood has always been brewing great actors and polished amazing talents for years. Now the industry has its roots penetrated from one side of the world to the others. No country is left out from its influence. Infact the great work of Hollywood’s artists, directors and producers is inspiring many souls across the world. They bring novel ideas and make them happen. Their audiences are not only limited to the state but is now everywhere. Whether its Sci-fi or horror movies, Action or romantic movies, they all mesmerize their viewers through their stunts and acting. There are some great names who made their way straight to the heart of their fans through their performance on the bug screen.  And now they almost became the idol of the Hollywood industry. Yes! These are highly actors of Hollywood. Mere a single appearance of them in the movie make their fans skip a beat.

Top Ten Most Popular Highly Paid Hollywood Actors of All Time

So let’s get over with all the wait, and explore who are the top ten highly paid actors of Hollywood.  We all are well familiar with their faces and of course! With their incredibly awesome acting potential.

  1. Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson, this amazing artist belonged to Ireland and was born in 1952.  He first made his appearance in the Schindler’s List, an Oscar-winning blockbuster. His appearance in many other movies like Kinsey, Les Miserable, and Michael Collins, made these movies worth watching. The most fame earning movie of his was “Taken” which was a thriller action. He was also nominated for many big awards including The Academy Awards. Golden Globe Awards and BAFTA Awards.

liam neeson-top ten highly paid actors

  1. Adam Sandler

The man who has always been called as the Funniest man of Hollywood, Adam Sandler is the 9th highly paid actor of the industry. He performed many of the popular characters from big Hollywood movies, like Mr. Deeds, Big Daddy, and Billy Madison. He also played his voice for the well-known animated movie- Hotel Transylvania. He alone earned the movie worth to $347 million in the box-office. According to an estimate, his annual earnings are about 37 million dollars.

Adam-Sandler-top ten highly paid actors

  1. Chris Hemsworth

The apple of every girl’s eye, Chris Hemsworth is the man of fine personality with sheer handsomeness. This Australian actor was first acknowledged after his performance as Thor in the Thor sequel. He took the start of his career not from the movies but as the television star where played the roles in Neighbors and Guinevere. His recent films include The Avengers, Age of Ultron, Red Dawn, Huntsman the winter’s tale and Black hat.

Chris-Hemsworth-top ten highly paid actors

  1. Leonardo Dicaprio:

Dicaprio is one of the leading stars of the industry, whose career took a sharp turn after his most popular movies, Titanic. His initial career had him play many television minor roles; he even played many supporting roles including the one for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. More fame came to his doorstep after his performance in The Basketball Diaries. His annual income now has reached to about $39 million.

Leonardo-Dicaprio-top ten highly paid actors

  1. Bradley Cooper

Bradly Cooper, the Sexiest Man Alive, was born on 5th of January 1975. He started his career with the most popular television show Alias. While continuing his career he played many supporting roles as an actor, his performance in The Hangover trilogy made him garnered most of the fame and name. His job brings him about $46 million annually. His career history is full of movies and television characters that he played, and also he won many nominations and awards.

Bradley-Cooper-top ten highly paid actors

  1. Mark Wahlberg

The multi-talented actor Mark Wahlberg also happens to be a producer and a model. He was born in 1971. He did some serious business working in the movies like TED, The Fighter and The Departed and Transformers, Age of Extinction. With the annual earnings of $52 million he became the 5th most highly paid actor in the industry.

Mark-Wahlberg-top ten highly paid actors

  1. Dwayne Johnson

The all-time versatile American actor, Dwayne Johnson is the man of the Game. As known as The Rock from his wrestling career, made his first leading appearance in 2002 as The Scorpion King, for that movie alone he was paid 5.5 million. He also worked in the much popular movie sequel Fast and the Furious. Other movies he played in, were The Game Plan, Hercules, Tooth Fairy, the Rundown and Get Smart. One of his hits is G.I Joe, Retaliation.

Dwayne-Johnson-top ten highly paid actors

  1. Hugh Jackman

Star of the industry, Hugh Jackman is the fantastic actor with an Australian background. His is also famous for his superb singing skills.  His career boosted after his performance in the X-man series. Other than that he also played in many great movies like Real Steel, The Prestige, Les miserable and Prisoners.

Hugh-Jackman-top ten highly paid actors

  1. Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum is the second most paid actor of the industry, which gets quite good to be true keeping in mind his good looking charismatic personality and fine skills. Even from average movies, he earned more than the expectations. His one comedy-drama Magic Mike earned him great wealth with fame. This drama along earned him $60 million.

Channing-Tatum1-top ten highly paid actors

  1. Robert Downey Jr.

The son of the great Robert Downey Sr., Robert Downey Jr. is an actor plus a singer and first stared in the movies produced by his “Pound.” And after performing great roles in the big blockbuster like the iron man and Sherlock Holmes he has become the highest paid actor of the industry. He was born in 1965. Other movies he made his appearance in, were The Avengers and Captain America Civil War.

Robert-Downey-Jr.-top ten highly paid actors


RankActor NameIncome
1.Robert Downey Jr.$75 Million
2.Channing Tatum$60 Million
3.Hugh Jackman$55 Million
4.Dwayne Johnson$52 Million
5.Mark Wahlberg$52 Million
6.Bradley Cooper$46 Million
7.Leonardo Dicaprio $39 Million
8.Chris Hemsworth$37 Million
9.Adam Sandler$37 Million
10.Liam Neeson$36 Million

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