Top 10 Football Players in the World- Best Footballers

Football, also known as soccer, is the most played and most popular sports in the world. The soccer is a century-old sport that is being played in a number of countries in the world, especially few European, American and African states. Derived from the two words “foot” and “ball” this game consists of a number of players playing as a team using football, the rules and regulations define the kicking and passing of that ball only through the use of feet. Two opposite goals are there for each team to achieve one goal by kicking the ball into opposite goal. Today, football has gained great hall of fame that it is not only played nationally but also internationally on many levels like European League, FIFA World Cup, and many other international tournaments. Players play for their country as well as for their specified leagues. The most famous teams are Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, etc.

Top Ten Best Performing Football Players of the World- Trending Footballers

Based on their performance, number of goals and strikes, each year in all the league tournaments and the last FIFA world cup, players are ranked and categorized as the top best players of the world. Following is the list of top ten best football players in the world.

10. Mesut Özil:

A fine German footballer player, who was born on 15th of October. He is a part of an English Club named Arsenal and won the hearts many of its fans playing in some leagues. Internationally he gained much attention during the FIFA world cup 2010 and in reward for his best performance he was also nominated for the GOLDEN BALL AWARD. Whereas in FIFA 2014 he earned the title of Germany’s Top soccer player who has achieved eight goals in the tournament.

Mesut-Ozil-top ten best football player in the world

9. Sergio Agüero:

Playing for Manchester city, Agüero is the Argentinian football player. He plays as the striker for Manchester city. On the international level he first time represented his country at FIFA U-20 World Cup in the years 2005 and 2007 and managed to win both of these tournaments. He has been finely representing his team also during the FIFA world cups of 2010 and 2014 where he earned many appraisals because of his great performance.

sergio aguero-top ten best football player in the world

8. Andrés Iniesta:

Iniesta is a Spanish player who plays for his national team as well as for FC Barcelona. He is captain of his club team due to his versatility. He can play as the left midfielder and also as the skillful central midfielder. Iniesta is termed as one of the best midfielders in the world and perhaps one of the best players of his age.

Andres-Iniesta-top ten best football player in the world

7. Thomas Muller:

German professional football player, Thomas Muller was born on 13th September. He plays for the German football club Bayern Munich as both the forward and the midfielder. He also was assigned too many attacking roles in some matches. The Guardian has ranked him the fifth best footballer in the world by the end of 2014. Whereas in 2010 World Cup he was named as the best youngest player of the tournament and also received the honor of Golden boot for his amazing performance in the tournament.

thomas-muller-top ten best football player in the world

6. Manuel Neuer:

Manuel Neuer was born on 27th March. He plays for the German National team as a goalkeeper and the German club Bayern Munich. Due to his sharp defensive skills, quick reflexes and excellent ability to tackle shots earned him the title of “sweeper-keeper.” He is among the most demanded and highly paid goalkeepers in the world. He also won the Golden Gloves award in 2014 for his excellent goalkeeping performance in the FIFI world cup.

manuel neuer-top ten best football player in the world

5. Robert Lewandowski:

Polish national team player, Robert was born on 21st August. Playing as the striker in the German club Bayern Munich, Robert is ranked as the fifth best player in the world. He also serves as the captain of his Polish national team of football. The defining achievement of his career was those five goals which he scored in just five minutes against Wolfsburg on 22 September 2015.

robert-top ten best football player in the world

4. Christiana Ronaldo:

Ronaldo was born on 5th February and is currently playing for his country Portugal and besides he also plays for the Spanish club, Real Madrid. He is the captain of his national team and serves as the forward player. He has earned many nominations for FIFA Ballon d’Or and even the award in the year 2013 and 2014 consecutively.

christinao ronaldo-top ten best football player in the world

3. Luiz Suarez:

Uraganian national team player, Suarez was born on 29 January. He plays as the striker for his state team whereas he also plays for Spanish club Barcelona. Earlier he used to play in Liverpool, but in 2014, he moved from Liverpool to Barcelona and became the most paid player in the world. By October 2015, he succeeded to score his 300th goal of his senior career his national team and club.

Liverpool-Luis-Suarez-top ten best football player in the world

2. Neymar:

Captain of the Brazilian National team, Neymar de Silva plays as the forward or the winger. Neymar is the 2nd best footballer around the globe. He plays for the Spanish club Barcelona. From his early age of 9, he has been wining many tournaments. Out of 70 matches he has scored 46 goals, which made him earn the title of fifth highest goal scorer of Brazil national team. The Guardian also marked him the third best player in the world in December 2015.

neymar-top ten best football player in the world

1. Lionel Messi:

The most popular football player of this era, Lionel Messi has taken the hearts of its number of fans through his sheer skills and achievements in the football career. He is professionally an Argentinian player. Besides playing for Argentina national team, he is also playing for the Spanish Barcelona. Messi is proud to be titled as the only player who has earned five times the honor of Best FIFA World player or FIFA Ballond’Or title in his entire sports career.

lionel_messi_top ten best football player in the world

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