Top 10 Most HIV AIDS Affected Countries in the World

AIDS a deadly disease has an abbreviation as (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) that is the illness in which a person loses its complete immunity, and especially the body loses its cellular strength making the body more prone to other deadly diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, and other viral infections. This disease is mostly caused by the usage of infected injections, and the disease is mostly found in drug addicted countries where the unhygienic injections are used to inject the drugs into the body even after the single injection use. Aids is a menace and has now infected many countries but still for AIDS many treatments and vaccines are being developed but still care is much better than treatments and medicines.

Top 10 Most HIV Affected Countries having Largest HIV AIDS Patients

The countries in which the diseases like AIDS is much prevalent are the following:

1) South Africa:

South Africa is the country in the world with most HIV patients. It has about 5,600,000 patients reported o be HIV positive which is the alarming situation.It accounts for about 12% of the total South African population suffering from this epidemic and according to the estimates every year 310,000 people die due to this illness.The government of the country is trying its best to control the disease but still the awareness campaigns are needed to be launched in the country to control it effectively.

South Africa

2) Botswana:

The Botswana is the country where the first HIV case was first time reported in the year 1985. It is the world’s 2nd most AIDS affected country. Since then the country is subject this severe illness. About 320,000 people are reported to be infected with the HIV. The illness is severely affecting the development process of the nation, and the mortality rate has increased in an alarming manner.The country needs to take effective measures to control the problem.


3) India:

India is the third most HIV-infected country in the world. It has the reported 2,400,000 HIV cases in the country.The people in India are very poor especially a huge population is deprived of the proper health facilities.The southeastern and northeastern provinces are much affected by this disease.India needs to spread the Awareness in its less educated community areas to combat and adapt resistance and preventive measures to protect themselves from the disease.


4) Kenya:

The HIV positive people are of the number of about 1,500,000.Kenya stands on number fourth for its dangerous HIV figures.In last few years, the country has improved its health conditions due to that the HIV rates have also declined, but still the figures need to be improved more.


5) Zimbabwe:

Zimbabwe is the fifth most AIDS affected country in the world. The prevalence rate of HIV is about 14.9% it has also improved due to awareness campaigns launched by the government of the country and it was 22.1% in 2003.Severe brain drain has undergone of the health professionals in Zimbabwe, and this improvement is the result of that.


6) United States:

Awkward to listen but United States is the sixth most AIDS affected country on the globe. The HIV rate in the United States is also very alarming.The HIV in the US is said to be transferred from an immigrant in 1960’s. The eastern and southern states are much infected than the other one.The coastal regions are much subject to this disease. The total US citizens suffering from HIV are 1,148,200 people that is very dangerous.

United States

7) The Democratic Republic of the Congo:

About 1,100,000 people in Congo are suffering from HIV aids and it is considered to be the world seventh most country having AIDS. It is the first African nation that was exposed to this deadly disease.The unprotected sexual relations in the country are reported to be the major cause of the disease transmission.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo

8) Mozambique:

The total of 11.3% of the Mozambique citizens is HIV patients.The nation is facing severe HIV menace.This disease is uni formally found and distributed in every part of the country.About 74,000 disease people in Mozambique become the target of this disease.


9) Tanzania:

The total of about 1,400,000 people in Tanzania is suffering from HIV positive.The amount of women in the country are suffering from this disease than men and about 60% of the women are facing this problem.Around 86000 people in Tanzania die of Aids in this country.


10) Malawi:

Malawi has about 10.0% of the HIV patients.About 68,000 people annually die of this illness.The Malawian government was initially slow in dealing with this disease but with a passage of time government is showing keen interest to control this epidemic he condition has now improved.



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