Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Every country in the world has its marvels and beauty, but these ten countries are exceptionally beautiful because of the both natural and man-made wonders. From modern cities to timeless villages, from green paths to calm scenery, these countries offer a variety of sites and a lot of inspiration from man and nature.

Top Ten Most Beautiful Countries of the World

Below is the list of world’s most beautiful countries on the planet with their short descriptions.

1. Italy:

Unsurprisingly, Italy is the world’s most beautiful country with most inspiring cultures and breathtaking scenery. Nowhere else in the world can someone find a bigger accumulation of beauty at one place It is home to one of the unique cities in the world, Venice. Which is entirely built on water and instead of cars boats are used for transportation. Then there is the ancient city of Rome which was home to the famous Roman men for their architecture and science that can be clearly seen in the city. Other cities such as Florence and Tuscany offer a varied architecture, snow peaked mountains and extraordinary wine yards. The Amalfi coasts and the Alps give us the sense that no country on earth offers as much beauty as Italy.


2. Spain:

Spain is the 2nd most beautiful country on the planet. The common image of Spain is of the weird over the development of the costa-del-sol or along a coast line of Balearic Islands, but there is much more to Spain than that. Spain is one of the most diverse countries in the world from ultramodern urban centers to simple white Mediterranean villages. One can not find a greater sense of individuality than its city Barcelona and from The Pyrenees to Andalusia, Spain serve as the perfect spot for any film documentary or a movie.


3. France:

Home to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris, France offers much more beauty and admiration other than that. Small villages clearly showing the old French heritage and the culture are spread all over the country. The greatest palace of the world Versailles and the greatest museum the Louvre also attract a lot of tourists. The wine producing regions of Champagne and Bordeaux are a mystery in their own. The majestic St.Michel and the numerous chateaux add to the beauty of the country.


4. Australia:

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about Australia is kangaroos. But Australia is far more than that, it is more than country, its a continent. From Uluru-kata Tjuta national park to the Cascade national park everything is incredible. In fact, it’s the wild parks and the wide variety of landscapes that make Australia is so marvelous. The wonderful and great barrier reef is the natural wonder in itself, and the untouched tropical white Sunday islands are breathtakingly beautiful.


5. Greece:

The Greek islands in the calm blue waters of the Aegean Sea have one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and the country is appreciated for having them. But as u move forward the majestic Mt. Olympus, iconic Meteora and ancient architecture around the Greece inspires millions around the world. The great Athens is home to a heritage of cultures and religions and the old Athenian gods.


6. Portugal:

The natural beauty of volcanic Azores is enough to put Portugal on this list. Then there is the magical floating garden of Madeira. The majestic coastline and the southern planes of Alentemol with the breathtaking white medieval villages of Monsaraz and Marvao also add to the beauty of the country. The grand riverside settings of Lisbon and Porto are extraordinary. It’s impressive to see how so much diversity in beauty can be seen in such tiny country.


7. USA:

The USA is one of the very few countries that offers both ultra modern architecture and the unspoiled natural heritage at the same time. Modern cities linked by fast roads containing offices, hotels, car lots, urban America is really beautiful. Then there are the Hawaiian islands, the grand canyon, the wildlife of Alaska, the breathtaking beauty of Monument Valley and so on, the list of natural wonders in America seems to go on forever and ever.


8. Brazil:

Home to one of the most beautiful cities Rio- de- Janeiro, Brazil is blessed by nature. It is also homes to the lungs of the world because of the Amazon forest. The horseshoe shaped waterfalls of Iguacu with a regular cloud of a rainbow is one of the world’s most extraordinary sites. The colonial architecture of the north east with their golden interiors mixed with individual traditions make it a heaven for tourists.


9. South Africa:

Cape town again one of the world’s most beautiful cities is the capital of South Africa. It is placed at ninth position in the list of top ten most beautiful countries. From Kruger national park to Blyde river canyon South Africa give one of the most memorable experiences for anyone who visits it. If it not had been for the crime rate in the country it would have been at the top of the list. Still one can escape to the Cape and spend wonderful moments between the natural landscapes of the country.


10. Germany:

Surprisingly, the world’s most underrated country, Germany is undoubtedly is home to fairy tales and architectural wonders. It is regraded as the tenth most beautiful country on the planet. The larger cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt are not very different from others, but smaller cities such as Potsdam and Dresden have been carefully preserved and restored near to a fairy tale. The romantic road of Bavaria along with its unbelievable castles, the Mind blowing Alps and enchanted land of the Rhine. Germany is beautiful.


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