Top 10 Currencies in Asia with Values & Trading Voume

By looking at Asian monetary unit, we can derive a list of about ten most strongest currencies of Asia.The AMU is a basket of 13 currencies proposed by the Japanese got. By Research Institute of an economy, Trade and industry; It is the list of top ten strongest currencies of Asia, in terms of their external value and the trading volume.

10. Saudi Riyal:

Riyal is the first and only currency of Saudi Arabia since the beginning. This oil-rich Asian country is also the hub of all Islamic activities in the world, which gives it a strong domination and reliability in many parts of the world. The Saudi riyal sets at around $0.26.

Saudi Riyal

9. United Arab’s Dirham:

Unsurprisingly, U.A.E has easily made it in the top 10 currencies of Asia. Generating its currencies originally from oil and now from the tourism as well, UAE is now also a strong emerging economy with an exchange rate of $0.27.

United Arab's Dirham


8. Qatari Riyal:

Established in 1966, after replacing the Indian rupee Qatari riyal is an inspiration for other currencies of the world. It is placed at eighth position in the list of top ten most strongest currencies in Asia. As it has been very stable, and inflation free for many years and set its exchange rate at $0.274.

Qatari Riyal

7. Singapore Dollar:

Singapore Dollar is ranked at seventh number in the list of top ten currencies in Asia. Singapore has now become a trading hub of the world with many multinationals having their headquarters in the country. There were times when Singaporean dollar was very remarkably strong currency but it has recently been depreciated against US dollar by 10%.

Singapore Dollar

6. Burnei Dollar:

Brunei dollar and Singapore’s dollar have almost same external value. It is at sixth position in the list of top ten currencies in Asia. It is mainly because Brunei and Singapore are the major trading partners and Singapore’s revenue from the tertiary sector is offset by the oil export of Brunei.

Burnei Dollar

5. Azerbaijani Manat:

To everyone’s surprise, Azerbaijan’s Manat is the fifth most strongest currency in the biggest continent of the world known to be Asia. Moreover, Manat is 25% more valuable than the US dollar.The economy of Azerbaijan is very stable and experiences a low unemployment rate. The exchange rate of Azerbaijan’s Manat is $1.28.

Azerbaijani Manat

4. Jordanian Dinar:

Jordanian dollar is at fourth position in the list of top ten currencies in Asia. It is very stable and strong, from almost last ten years.Although the economy of the country is not very strong but still somehow it manages to settle around $1.41.

Jordanian Dinar


3. Omani Riyal:

Omani riyal is one of the strongest and respected currency not only in Asia but also in the world. It comes as the 3rd most strongest currency in Asia. The Omani Riyal came into existence in1937, replacing the Saudi riyal the geopolitical position of the country is the main reason for the high value of this currency.Oman’s economy has prospered with a high human development in the last couple of years ,settling around $2.60.

Omani Riyal

2. Bahraini Dinar:

Coming into existence in 1965, is the second most valuable currency not only in Asia but also in the world. Bahrain has the currency that is the one of the most highly valued currency in the world. Bahraini Dinar sets around dollar 2.65. Bahrain mostly generates its income from secondary sector production of different articles and machinery.

Bahraini Dinar

1. Kuwaiti dinar:

Topping the list of the most valuable currency in Asia, Kuwaiti Dinar is also the most expensive currency in the world. It is the great achievement for a tiny country to set the exchange rate at $3.46.Huge oil exports and fixed exchange rate system has helped Kuwaiti Dinar to achieve this all.

Kuwaiti dinar

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