Top 10 Countries with the Most Handsome Man in the World

Beauty and attractiveness are a desire of all which we can aspire to see in ourselves or others. Every individual in the world possesses unique qualities and characteristics. Distinct features and figures.Men in the world which are in high demand must possess certain distinguished characteristics such as sharp features, built up a body, six packs, perfect hair,golden tans and a very alluring accents.These men become eye candy for the women they are in high demand and most of the film actors possess such qualities.Along with that, all men must possess a fair and good sense of fashion because the dressing enhances their handsomeness. Men with all such qualities are found in few of the world’s countries that are extremely handsome and are in high demand for featuring films and playing roles.

1. Italy:

Standing first on the list is Italy. Italian men are good looking and extremely handsome. They seem to be out of some glossy and glamorous fashion magazine.They are seen on because of their beautiful eyes, strong features lovely hair and their amazing skin tans and their attractive Italian accents.

handsome italian man

2. Brazil:

The Brazilian men stand on the second spot there physical look seems to be inherited from Portugal and South American influences.The country possesses unmatchable masculine beauty.These guys are fabulous, sexy and highly seducing with handsome well-shaped bodies with almond colored tans, smartly dressed up Brazilian guys are breathtaking and admirable.

handsome brazilian men

3. Angola:

Like Brazil, Angola has some of the world’s most amazing men.Their features have high African and Portuguese influences.They have somewhat dark but very handsome and attractive skin with beautiful features they have very good communication skills they are simple and dashing and are eye candy for women.

handsome angola men

4.Saudi Arabia:

Arab guys are just amazing.Their features are deep and-and have lovely piercing eyes making them even more attractive and good looking.They are very handsome and fabulous.Their skin is shining and glowing.They are a big attraction for women in the world and are in high demand.

Saudi Arabia men

5. France:

The list of handsome men from France is very long.France has produced the list of well-groomed and well-dressed men.They are representatives of different ethnicities and cultural influences. Their high values and norms are highly impressive, and this make them highly demanding and alluring.Their good presence and lovely dresses make them a style and fashion diva.

French men

6. Germany:

The German men are known for their features and amazing glamorous looks. They are handsome and white skinned men influenced by cold weather and their environment. They usually have blond hair and amazing skin with attractive eyes and lively smiles. They have fabulous dressing sense and well-toned bodies.

german men

7. Australia:

Australia has produced one of the most handsome men in the world. They are very well shaped guys with lovely looks and photogenic faces. They usually have colored eyes, silky hair, and almond colored skin complexion that make them look very alluring and breathtaking.

Australian men

8. United Kingdom:

There is a great variety of good looking men in the UK. They are very handsome regarding features, there elegant dressing, their lovely smile, and they’re the extremely good presence.The UK men no doubt are well shaped and friendly.David Beckham, Prince Harry, and Benedict Cumber batch are the perfect example of this British men’s elegance and grace.

uk men

9. Sweden:

Swedish men have perfect blonds, lovely blue eyes making them unique and outstanding.Their personality and great presence make them too appealing. The Swedish men are very glamorous and have great screen beauty.That’s why the Swedish super stars dazzle on screen and are heart throbbing with their talent and beautiful presence.

sweden men


Spain being famous for the soccer and football matches is also known for handsome men especially the national players.They have the huge fan following throughout the world, and their good body maintenance and their sporty looks make them stand out.

spanish men

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