List of Top 10 Countries with Most Refugees Population in the World

As the entire world seems to be under the spell of the number of conflicts and civil wars going on, the number of refugees and displaced individually has been increased to a significant amount. According to the statistical report presented by United Nations High Commission for Refugees-UNHCR, approximately more than 59.5 individuals are being displaced worldwide as a result of ongoing conflicts, persecutions, wars, and violence. Out of these, almost 57% of the refugees are being welcomed by the top ten countries with most refugee people. Turkey, Pakistan, and Lebanon are among the top three of the list, acting as the new home to 30% of the total refugees of the world. In recent years, the number of refugees has increased drastically due to the Syrian crisis.

Top Ten Countries with Most Refugees Population in the World

Based on the latest statistical analysis by UNHCR- United Nations Agency for Refugees, following are the top ten countries with most refugee population:

1. Turkey:

Connecting Asia with Europe, Turkey is the only country that covers most of the Middle Eastern countries with ongoing conflicts and civil wars including Syria and Iraq. Since 2014, Turkey has received an unprecedented amount of refugees not only from Syria but also from Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. The total amount of refugee people living in the state has now reached to 1838848 individuals. As Turkey still holds its 1951 Geographical limitation law, which provides protection to all the refugees irrespective of their origin. It is the main reason that Turkey now ranked as the first country with most refugees in the world.

Turkey syrian refugees kurds

2. Pakistan:

Located on the Eastern borders of Afghanistan, Lies Pakistan, which has ever been remaining the hub for Afghan refugees. From the times of Soviet invasion to the times of American intrusion, Afghani’s always seek Pakistan as their second home over the years. Now the total number of refugee people has risen to 1540854. And currently, there are 1.5million Afghan people registered in Pakistan. Whereas 714584 people are registered as IDPs (internally displaced people). From North Waziristan alone, around 500,000 has been displaced due to ongoing operations.

Pakistan- List of Top 10 Countries with Most Refugees Population (2)

3. Lebanon:

Lebanon is ranked third with the most Syrian refugees after Turkey. Though not being part of the 1951 convention still Lebanon remained its borders opened for the asylum seekers coming from Syria and Iraq and played the role of safe havens for the Syrians providing immediate protection and help. Some are seeking asylum in Lebanon are now counted as many as 1172388 individuals.


4. Iran:

Iran comes next in line with the total number of 979,441 refugees living in the country. The Islamic Republic of Iran holds a significant position as the Asylum for many Iraqi refugees. However, thousands and thousands of these are now being relocated to their home country. But the current loop of Iraqi and Syrian crisis, will ever keep Iran vulnerable to receiving more with the passage of time.


5. Ethiopia:

Ethiopia is a landlocked African state, situated in the Horn of Africa. Bordered by Sudan, this country has ever been receiving millions of refugees from South Sudan and other neighboring areas with almost 200,000 new refugee people from South Sudan alone. These people mainly include some women and children who fled from South Sudan in need of help and protection. As of now, the total land carries 702467 refugees living in the rural and urban settings of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia- List of Top 10 Countries with Most Refugees Population

6. Jordan:

Due to the significance of its geographical location and economic stability, Jordan provides refuge to a large number of people from Syria and Iraq. In this hour of need, Jordanian government displayed great hospitality to the incoming refugees by providing them shelter and granted them access to necessities of life. With the sizable portion of Syrian refugees, the country now has a total number of 664,102 people being registered by UNHCR.

Jordan- List of Top 10 Countries with Most Refugees Population

7. Kenya:

Kenya is another African state that is acting the home for the Sudanese people fleeing in from South Sudan. In 2014 alone, almost Forty-two thousand of the new arrivals took refuge in the country. Many more are still expected to arrive. With the steady influx, the numbers of refugees have reached to 552272 asylum seekers.

Kenya- List of Top 10 Countries with Most Refugees Population

8. Uganda:

Ever since some conflicts and fighting’s erupted in the Southern part of Sudan, Ugandan Government proved its level of hospitality by providing protection and assistance to thousands of Sudanic. Almost 428379 refugees from Sudan has sought life-saving protection in Uganda. Their government as well as host multiple communities located the refugees in separate settlements. Incorporation with UNHCR, these refugees are provided all the health care facilities.


9. Chad:

Refugees from Central African Republic (CAR), Nigeria and Sudan keep fleeing into the state of Chad. It has welcomed almost 488 Nigerian families. One of the many great efforts, the government of Chad has provided access to arable land to the refugee people for agricultural production and creating the sense of self-reliance in them.

Chad- Top 10 Countries with Most Refugees

10. Sudan:

With the ongoing conflict in South Sudan, the eastern part of Sudan has become the center of refuge for most of the Sudanese. This counterpart of Sudan is now holding as many as 356191 refugees providing health care and protection. Along with the Sudan Refugees, the part of eastern Sudan also receive a huge number of Eritrean refugees entering the country.

Sudan- List of Top 10 Countries with Most Refugees Population






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