Top 10 Countries with Most Hackers- Cyber Criminals

As the social media is evolving day in and day out the cyber crimes have also become frequent these days.Hackers are pirates of computers.The hackers intentions may be different, and they may do so to spread an ideology, to expose or reveal something or just for the sake of experience or fun.The cyber assaults are most common nowadays no doubt that China is mostly blamed for all the hacking activities of the world but this is not true there are also some other countries with professional hackers throughout the world. Cyber criminals commence their attacks from infected computers around the world.The identity of a hacker can be revealed if one knows the country of its origin.

Top Ten Countries with Most Hackers in the World

Here below we are listing the top ten countries with most cyber criminals that have expertise in hacking.

1. China:

Topping the list as told is china.41% of world’s attack traffic is from China according to the estimate making it the hub of cyber assaults. Investigations have revealed an organized hacker network in China and it is said that many members of the hacker’s group are associated with China’s military. But the Chinese government and the media deny any China’s involvement in the hacking throughout the world.


2.United States:

The us accounts for 10% of the world’s attack traffic making it a second country with the most number of hackers.Us is also the home to many organized and well efficient hacker groups who are much notorious.They are involved in attacking and hacking many important Russian sites.The US hacking group master of deception is very famous.

us hackers

3. Turkey:

Turkey stands at the third place in world’s attack traffic.Turkey’s share increased in hacking from last decade its hacking activities have risen the-the past, and these cyber assaults have reached up to the level of 5.6% within the period of few years.


4. Russia:

Russia accounted for 4.3 % of the world’s attack traffic putting the country on the fourth place.Forty countries like Facebook Apple and Google were attacked many years ago by Russia-based hackers.These hackers are very efficient and much stronger.

russia hackers

5. Taiwan:

Taiwan stands on the fifth place in attack traffic and cyber’s crime.Its share is about 3.7% in this place. Taiwan I hackers are very efficient but along with being the hacker country was attacking many important sites and cyber companies Taiwan is also one of the major targets.



Ranking at sixth number in the list of countries with most hackers; Brazil accounts for total 3.3%of world’s attack traffic, thus putting the state in sixth place with most dangerous hackers. Brazilian population is mostly online and the Brazilian banks serve as pioneers for electronic money and these hackers most are there to steal that money. The Brazilian hackers are very efficient and have been involved in hacking many sites of government departments and others.

brazil hackers


Romania is ranked at seventh position in the list of top ten countries with most hackers. Romanian hackers are involved in 3.3% of the world’s cyber assaults. A place in Romania called as the Ramnicu Valcea, as the hub of the criminal hackers.They attack many sites and hack them along with that operating then whole cyber criminal network us also their work.



Standing 8th on the list Cyber criminals and hackers are also abundant in India, as India is a top IT country with best computer science experts and efficient IT specialist.They are usually involved in the crimes mostly hacking the sites for spreading any social message or launching protests. Many hackers also operate from within the military to secretly get some important information regarding the respective country.

india hacking

9. Italy:

Italy comes at ninth position in the list of countries with most hackers. Italy contributes to 1.6% of the total cyber crime activities.The two very famous Italian hackers include Luigi Auriemma and Donato FarranteAureima. They are involved in hacking government sites and reveal information publicly regarding any security threats.

italy h

10. Hungary:

Hungary stands on the tenth spot in hacking as it is the small European country with a good hacking networks around. It has closely beaten South Korea for this spot on the list. The trend of hacking is quite high in almost mostly European countries.


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