Top 10 Countries with Highest Technology in the World

Every country is striving to acquire the position of the world-class technological country.Because the technological stand of the country shows the country’s power and status at the global level. There is nothing almost un-achievable for the technologically advanced country.Some countries are trying to become technologically advanced for good reasons such as increasing their IT development sectors and other technologically advanced equipment. While other countries aim to become technologically advanced for the purpose of ruling the world and for producing the nuclear weapons for producing or destroying almost anything.

Top Ten Countries with the highest & Advanced Technology

Here is the complete list of world top ten countries leading in technology with short descriptions. They have the best technologies with leading technological industries.

1. Japan:

Japan is supposed to be the most advanced country in the technology of all others because this is the only country that often keeps on inventing new things and adding up to the technological inventions. It is the most leading technological country on the planet. Recently it has invented a dimensional elevator that can transport you from one floor to another in the blink of an eye, so the Japanese technological advances seem to be for making the human life more convenient and easy.They are also the inventors of Laser gun the machine, thus making the country best in technology and developing science field.


2. Finland:

Finland is the country that tops almost every field such as the economy, health, politics and the technology. It is due to their aim to make the country first in the technological race by launching high technological projects. The per capita income of Finland is much greater than many other European countries which clearly explains its massive advances made in technology over the years.

Finland Flag

3. United States of America:

The home to some of the best countries in the world such as Intel, AMT, Dell and Google. United States is one of the most fastest growing technological countries in the world. This country has known to develop the finest intelligence system in the world, the credit of which goes to obviously its technological equipment.The country also advancement in space technology as the first person to land on the moon was an American.


4. South Korea:

South Korea is another country that has done exceptionally well in the field of science and technology.South Korea is ranked among the highest technological countries due to the vast production of highly advanced Robots, Air Conditioners, Trains ,computers, televisions, cars .helicopters and planes. It is also known in the world for highest Internet speed in the world. The Samsung company is South Korean has already defeated Japanese competitor and now in the auto industry it is expected to defeat Japan also in years to come.


5. Germany:

Germany is ranked as the fifth most technological country on the planet. Since world war, two Germany has been famous for producing the finest army and military tanks and traces its technological advancements in the year 1900.Germany is known as one of the best-advanced countries due to rapid expansion in different technological fields.They have highly high-tech influence infrastructure and architectural schemes it would be witnessed at the Berlin stadium.The stadium is gigantic and most epic in the history. 


6. India:

India is regarded as the sixth country having highest technology. Most of the new software technology comes from India. All the advice from needed from the silicon valley are drawn from India. The.The reason for India’s advancement is that it has the first university in the world which teaches all the technological sciences. Sanskrit was considered as the most useful language for the computer system, and even NASA is planning to use it. India has a lot of natural resources which is extracted and used positively for better purposes and technological advancements.


7. England:

England is still the third best producer of the scientific papers. Many of the famous scientists were from England. England is the very high tech at the consumer level at par with the USA. All the British citizens have access to the high technology.England has invented many things in the past, and the people are also very used to of using technology in day to day matters.The England has the high technology from consumer level up to military level.


8. Canada:

Canada is also the home of technologists. Henry Woodward was the Canadian who first invented the light bulb.The Canadian government is working hard to develop the country’s technology such as developing communication technology, advancing health innovations, improving the space technology, etc. Other than this it is performing research in advanced theoretical physics ,developing quantum computing ,and connecting researchers coast to coast for higher and speedy optic cables.


9. China:

China cannot be considered the king of technology but still it is one of the highly advanced countries in the world because of it’s the ongoing process with continuous advancements. China has surprised the world with major advancements it has made which has made easy to predict that China would be probably the most advanced country in the coming 10 to 20 years.China is manufacturing a lot of steel to make many-advanced weapons with more targeting potential.

china flag

10. Israel:

Israel’s private industry is very successful. It produces the most advanced weapons in the world.Israel is also doing miracles in the agriculture industry. It has produced the products that maximize the crop’s growth with half of conventional method. Israel has got the highest percentage of home computers in the world. Israel also has the highest number of scientists and technicians in the workforce. They are the developers of silicon chips and flash drive.

israel flag

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