Top 10 Best & Most Visited Museums in the World- Hit List

Museums are the centers that carry great national heritage about the present and past human history. It has various artifacts, emblems, written manuscripts and any other form of items that has significance regarding culture, arts, traditions, science, and history. Museum is designed in such a way that they could muse you with tons of information delivered in an impressive and interactive way. Museums provide a foundation for researchers and specialist to seek in-depth knowledge of any topic. Museums are present in many major cities across the globe. With the creation of the concept of the virtual exhibition, the information is now digitalized and present in such a way that has a wider impact than ever, attracts millions of people at once. The most visited museum is the Louvre Paris in France.

List of Top Ten Famous & Most Visited Museums of the World

Following are the top ten most visited Museums in the world, which are ranked based on the number of people visiting them per year.

  1. National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan (5.4 million visitors annually):

National Palace Museum was established in 1925 in the Forbidden City of Beijing. It is the biggest and most amazing place in whole Taiwan; it is also considered as the national museum of Taiwan. It contains all the artifacts and written scriptures encompassing more than 10,000 years of Chinese history. Currently, it comprises of almost 700,000 items related to Chinese cultural history and ancient customs or rituals.

national palace museum-top ten most visited museum in the world

  1. Tate Modern, London, UK (5.8 million visitors annually)

The Tate Modern is located in London Borough of Southwark. It is one of the national galleries of Britain that portrays modern art. The entire museum consists of seven floors, providing room to hundreds of visitors. Annually it receives as many as 5.8 million visitors. It makes this museum the third largest museum in the whole United Kingdom and the ninth most visited in the whole world.

tate modern-top ten most visited museum in the world

  1. Vatican Museums, Vatican City, Vatican (5.9 million visitors annually)

The Vatican Museums were constructed by the Great Pope Julius II. This museum was established in the 16th century. It has an immense series of a collection which links us back to Roman Catholic churches and history associated with them. The museum also carries the most famous sculptures from the history and the art of Renaissance depicted through important and famous masterpieces.

vatican museum-top ten most visited museum in the world

  1. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, USA (6.1 million visitors annually)

Out of man magnificent structures and buildings, New York also has one of the finest museums in the world, Metropolitan Museum of Art. The museum holds about 2 million items and artifacts. These items are categorized into seventeen different curatorial departments. The museum covers 2 million square feet of area. It is perhaps the largest art museum in the country and acknowledged for it worldwide.

metropolitain museum of art-top ten most visited museum in the world

  1. National Gallery, London, UK (6.4 million visitors annually):

Another most visited Museum of the world is the National Gallery, which is located in Trafalgar Square in Central London. It comprises of almost 2300 paintings which cover the entire British history starting from the 13th century till 1900. The gallery is blessed to have the masterpieces created by few of the world’s eminent artists, which includes the work of Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci.

national_gallery_top ten most visited museum in the world

  1. National Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C., USA (6.7 million visitors annually):

Washington DC is the home of the fifth most visited museum in the world, National Air and Space Museum, which is the extension of Smithsonian. It has the most amazing collection of world’s historic aircraft or the space crafts. It was built in 1946, providing room to more than 6.7 million visitors each year. For all the emerging astronauts and science lovers, this place is amazing and must to explore.

national air and space museum-top ten most visited museum in the world

  1. British Museum, London, UK (6.7 million visitors annually)

The British Museum is the national museum of human culture and history. It was established in 1753 representing important artifacts regarding human life facts. The number of total items present in its collection is approximately around 8 million which is the considered as one of the largest collection of the world.  It portrays the virtual illustrations and written facts unveiling the stories of human history, from the earlier known eras to the current decades.

British-Museum-top ten most visited museum in the world

  1. National Museum of Natural History, Washington D.C., USA (7.3 million visitors annually)

Another most visited museum is situated in Washington DC, which receives almost 7.3 million visitors approximately. It has various specimens including of plants, fossils, meteorites, human artifacts and rocks, etc. the total number of works displayed there is about 126 million which attracts millions of visitors. About 185 scientists working on the history of nature seek this place to attain knowledge for research. The place remains open 24/7 and free of cost.

national museum of washington DC-top ten most visited museum in the world

  1. National Museum of China, Beijing, China (7.5 million visitors annually)

China’s most visited museum is also situated in Beijing, receiving more than 7 million visitors per year. It was constructed about 12 years ago thus it has not long old history but the items resting there are around 1 million. It has made it quite popular among the visitors. It has total 28 exhibition halls, providing space for hundreds of visitors.

beijing museum-top ten most visited museum in the world

  1. Louvre, Paris, France (9.3 million visitors annually)

Louvre Museum is famous for its amazing iconic structure which was initially constructed as the fortress by the end of 12th century. It is one of the prime location where Paris receives most of the visitors. It has the largest collection of objects which includes 35 thousand artworks and 380,000 objects. This museum opens you to the history of human developmental eras.

louvre-museum-top ten most visited museum in the world

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