Top 10 Best & Safest American Airlines- Hit List

American Airlines are well known in the whole world for its best quality services and management. Rating of domestic airlines is usually done on the basis of their performance in five key areas. The canceled flights, on-time arrivals, mishandled bags, denied boarding, and customer satisfaction and if they are complete in all areas we place their names in the top ten airlines. So here is the list of American Airlines to see that which airlines Americans prefer the most:

1.Virgin America:

Virgin America is ranked at 1st and is considered as best and safest American airways with high quality management and services. It has the average on-time arrivals at 83.5%. Its quality and luxurious standards are never compromised. With least passenger complaints, it gives the best friendly service, and these qualities keep its travelers always contended.


2. Jet Blue:

It is the 2nd most safest airways in America. Jet Blue’s time performance is commendable, but it’s a bit expensive than Virgin America and Alaska. Along with that, it has the highest customer satisfaction scale because to be at the destination on time is a thing that all working classes aspires.

Jet Blue

3. Allegiant Airways:

Allegiant Airways is listed at 3rd place in top ten American Airlines. Being a small airline flying on specific routes. It’s worth travelling in Allegiant Airways.With affordable fee structure, it has applaudable time performance with 90% flights on time.

Allegiant Airways

4. Delta Airlines:

Delta is placed at fourth position in top ten American Airways. It is said to be most expensive airline charging up to $754 while others were charging $579, but it has excellent time performance and comfortable environment with friendly customer service.Despite all, it is not a trusted airline with less customer satisfaction.

Delta Airlines

5. Hawaiian Airlines:

Hawaiian Airlines is ranked at fifth position in the list of top ten American airways. Hawaiian charges are much higher because it takes additional charges travelling between US mainland and the islands. It charges $150 change fee if the person is travelling inter-island.

Hawaiian Airlines

6. Alaska Airlines:

Alaska is rated at sixth position in the list of ten ten american airways. The best feature of the Alaskan airline is considered to be its low-cost fees among the airlines.It is much cheaper than others, and it is also said to have got least number of customer complaints.

Alaska Airlines

7. Frontier Airlines:

Frontier is rated much lower than others in time quality but also is said to have most customer complaints.But its fee structure is much better as it doesn’t,t charge for booking on a phone or in person.Its charges for checked bags is $20 which is lesser than other at $50.

Frontier Airlines

8. Southwest Airlines:

South-West is the eight most safest Airways in America. The south-west airline is the best option for frequent fliers.But it’s time management is still below average almost up to 71% flights on time. It also costs much lesser than others which is a good option for the passengers to have a domestic flight in low costs.

Southwest Airlines

9. US Airways:

US Airways is included in the list of most reliable American airlines. It’s on-time performance, and customer satisfaction is similar to carrier American Airlines but charges much higher than its services that are only satisfactory with less comfort and more charges customers are reluctant to travel.

US Airways

10. American Airlines:

It has below average satisfaction scale with poor time performance. It doesn’t,t provide congenial atmosphere and luxuries as compared to others. Keeping in view all thus it is the least preferred choice among American citizens.

American Airlines

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