TOP 10 Best Chief of Army Staff (COAS) in the World- Hit List

A country’s integrity and existence are always threatened without the stronghold of its powerful army. Army serves as the protector of the border, maintains law and order within the state and devises defense strategies for any threatening situation. Army is not just a group of people serving in the battlefield, but it is an entire institution in itself which is self-regulatory and acts as an important pillar of the country. For this entire institution to run there has to be a man strong enough to deal the internal and external pressure, a man with great command and powerful vision. A man who have diversified knowledge and skills to devise necessary defense strategies when required, the man who is termed as the Chief of Army Staff (COAS). He has the ultimate power to create the certain strong image of the country which frightens away all of its enemies.

Top Ten Best Chief of army Staff (COAS) Military Commanders in the World

Based on their unwavering command, potential and visionary skills, we have ranked the top ten most powerful and influential army chiefs of the world for the year 2016:

10. Volker Wieker- Germany:

The 15th COAS for the Germany, Volker Wieker was appointed for this post on 18 December 2009. He is also serving as the Chief Military advisor to the German government along with his other post. He spends half of his life, 42 years serving in the German military. His fine skills and great experience made the German Minister appoint him as the COAS for no one other than him could serve better. He was the part of many Foreign Bundeswehr and went to Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Kosovo in this regard. He had also served as Assistant Branch Chief and as the commander of the Netherland and crops.

volker wieker

9. Katsutoshi Kawano – Japan:

Born on 28th November 1954, Kawano is not only the Chief of Staff of Japanese Military Forces but also the Joint staff. In 2012 he became the four-star admiral and was later promoted in 2014. He joined the forces in 1979 after the completion of his graduation. He served both in an army and in navy. Currently, is working to assist in many projects for defense institutes of Japan. His mechanical engineering expertise is used for the formation of Fifth generation fighter jets. Many Japanese armed forces programs went under his supervision which includes resolution of Senkaku Island Dispute too.

Katsutoshi Kawano- Japan

8. Dalbir Singh – India:

The 26th Chief of Army Staff of India, Lt. General Dalbir Singh Suhag was appointed for this post on July 31st, 2014. His selection and the appointment, however, went through many controversies due to the allegations imposed by Lt. General Ravi Dastane. He remained Vice chief of staff before his current post. He joined the forces in 1974 when he first appointed as the instructor in Indian Military Academy. He was the part of many operations in Kashmir and also carried out the operation against Sri Lanka as the company commander.

dalbir singh

7. Choi Yoon-Hee -South Korea:

For two years, Yoo-hee remained the Joint chief of staff of South Korea. In the hour of need, when South Korea was facing major threats from the USA he was selected as the Chief of army staff. He was the first ever COAS selected from Korean Navy forces as he was only one who could deal the situation well with a firm hold. He retired soon in October 2015. In the military history of South Korea, Choi Yoon-hee is considered as the most incredible Chief of staff ever.

choi yoon hee- Korea

6. Nick Houghton – United Kingdom:

Nick Houghton was born on October 18th, 1954. Right after the retirement of David Richard as COAS in 2013, he was appointed as the Chief of Defense staff. During Iraq war, Houghton presented many important operation plans to the British military. He made great contributions to the issues of the Northern Ireland. He also joined the force in 1974 whereas he also served as the military assistant to the COAS and as the commanding officer of the 1st battalion of Vice chief of Defense staff.


5. Hulusi Akar – Turkey:

Turkey’s 29th Chief of Army staff, Hulusi Akbar is known to be the best in the Turkish history. Before serving as the COAS, he served many years as the Commander of Land Forces. He is an active participant in many NATO activities including ISAF, Kosovo War, and Bosnian war.  He served as the brigade commander. For years, he played a great role in protecting the borders of the country and strengthened its defense system.

hulusi akar- turkey

4. Valery Gerasimov – Russia:

Russian Chief of Army Staff, Valery Gerasimov was appointed by President Vladimir Putin in 2012. He took the office after the retirement of Nikolay Makarov. Some people are of the view that Makarov was pressurized to resign as Gerasimov is the President’s favorite and the reason lies in his great experience and services in the military career. Currently, he is playing a significant role in Russia Syria Alliance against Islamic state of Iraq and Syria ISIS.

valery gerasimov- Russia

3. Fang Fenghui – China:

Fang was born in April 1951. He is serving both the people’s liberation army as the Chief and also the Central Military commission. Due the military program initiated by fang China now holds strong defense system and great strategic policies. He is backing the programs of developing the fifth generation fighter jets. He is currently looking after the China- Pakistan Economic Corridor Project for an economic up thrust of the country.


2. Gen Joseph Dunford – United States:

Joseph is the 19th Joint Chief of Army staff of United States of America, he took the position on October 1st 2015. He also served for the International security assistance force as the commander and also went to Afghanistan to serve United States Forces from 2013 to 2014.

joseph dunford

1. General Raheel Sharif – Pakistan:

Born on 6th June 1956, General Raheel Sharif took the position as Chief of army staff when a country was in grave dangers and number of threats. The 15th chief of army staff is serving the post since 2013. He has a strong military background, both his father and brother served in the army. Major Shabbier Shaheed who lost his life during the Pak-Indo war of 1971 was his brother. In 1976 he joined Pakistan armed forces. He is a four-star general and also earned himself the highest military award of Pakistan “Nishan e Haider.


List of Top 10 Best Powerful Military Commander General 2016

RankCommander General NameCountry
1.General Raheel SharifPakistan
2.Gen Joseph DunfordUnited States
3.Fang FenghuiChina
4.Valery GerasimovRussia
5.Hulusi AkarTurkey
6.Nick HoughtonUnited Kingdom
7.Choi Yoon-HeeSouth Korea
8.Dalbir SinghIndia
9.Katsutoshi KawanoJapan
10.Volker WiekerGermany

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