List of Top 10 Countries with Most Rainfall in the World

Precipitation is the only phenomenon that is responsible for the accumulation of fresh water down to our planet. It is what makes our world alive and supports all the live forms. In fact, the entire ecosystem depends on the amount of rainfall it receives each year, any disturbance in this cycle can cause large-scale droughts and famine resulting into starvation. It is an interesting fact to know that there is great disproportionality when we study the patterns of rain in different regions of the world. There is somewhere rate is extremely high while others experience extremely minimal or no rainfall at all.  It is a proven fact that countries that are located in tropical regions and covered with thick green forests receive the most of the rain annually. Today we will discuss the List of Top 10 Countries with Most Rainfall in the World.

Top 10 Countries with Most Rainfall in the World- Hit List

The account of countries with the highest precipitation rate is discussed here today. It reveals that excessive rainfall may support lives but also destroy it on the other hand with a huge number of floods it causes in many states. Following top ten countries suffer from the curse of heavy and constant rainfall throughout the year.


  1. Bangladesh

Water everywhere, Bangladesh is located at the verge of a bay with several rivers more over the monsoon climate of the country brings heavy rain in most of its parts. The monsoon season generally starts from June and ends in October. During these days, it experiences almost 80% of the rainfall. The regions located near the foothills of Himalayas receive the most rainfall which mainly includes Sylhet region. The average precipitation is estimated to be 2666 millimeters per year.

bangladesh..countries with most rainfall

  1. Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful country with the reservoirs of warm waters, which greatly stimulates its tropical climate to cause more rain. 81% of the total land is covered with warm waters. The span of monsoon starts from December and ends in March. The western and northern regions of the country receive the most rainfall compared to other parts. It is estimated that each year the country receives almost 2702 mm of rainfall.


  1. Brunei Darussalam

Brunei is also located in the midst of the tropical belt of the world hence receives most rain. It has mainly sub-tropical and tropical climatic conditions which result in heavy rain and warm weather with high humidity. The average rate of precipitation is 2722 millimeter per year, making it the 8th country with most rainfall in the world.


  1. Malaysia

With 2875 millimeter of precipitation per year, Malaysia comes next in the list. It is also located in the tropical region of the world, therefore, receives the high rate of heavy rainfall. Here too the monsoon season starts from early December and ends in March. The regions located in the north and west like slopes of Sarawak and Sabah are most exposed to the rain, sharing more than 70% of the total precipitation this country receives.

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  1. Costa Rica

Cost Rica is famous for its sandy white beaches and attracts many tourists from around the world. It provides a perfect arena to spend your summer doing surfing and sunbathing. This country also receives a heavy spell of rainfall each year which starts in May and continues for seven months. During these months the tides are high and tourists are advised to not to hit the beaches. According to the recent figures, the country receives an average rainfall of 2926 mm per year.

costa rica

  1. Panama

The usual monsoon season in Panama starts in April and continues through December. That’s right! 9 long months of rain. This results in 2926 millimeter of rain almost every year. The geography of Panama is the sole factor for excessive rains, the vapors are carried from the north and northeast of the Caribbean which causes rain. Regions located near the coastline receives most of the rainfall.

  1. Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands is ranked at 4th position in the list of top ten Countries with Most Rainfall. experience the extremes of two distinct climates, one wet and the other is entirely dry. The season of rain starts from February and ends May while the second round of wet season continues from September to November. Besides the heavy rainfall, the country also faces the danger of typhoons crossing from the far north of these islands. The average precipitation is calculated to be 3,028 millimeters annually.

solomon islan

  1. Papua New Guinea

Papa New Guinea is at 3rd place in the list of 10 Countries with Most Rainfall in the world. It also enjoys a tropical climate where the monsoon season usually starts from December and ends in March causing an average rainfall of 3142 millimeters per year. It is the western and northern parts of the country which receive most of the rainfall. Floods and destruction become obvious if the rain water is not properly utilized or channelized.

papa new guinea

  1. Sao Tome and Principe

The rainy season of the country is divided into two different phases. It is at a 2nd number in the list of Countries with Most Rainfall. The first short one starts from October and continues till November while the longer one continues from March to May both the seasons receives significantly high rates of rainfall. The combined sum of the average precipitation in both the seasons is approximately 3200 mm per year. The country receives the most rain in the regions around and near the equator.

sao tome

  1. Colombia

Colombia has the highest rate of precipitation which is estimated to be 3240 millimeters per year. Due to excessive and heavy rainfall, some region of the state keeps under the spell of floods permanently. The areas facing the pacific experience the most rainfall. Here it showers almost every day.  Consequently, the country has abundant of rainforests. The rate of precipitation decreased as we move towards the eastern parts of the country.


List of Top 10 Countries with Most Rainfall in the World:

2.Sao Tome3200
3.Papa New Guinea3142
4.Solomon Island3028
6.Costa Rica2926

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