Top 10 Most Largest & Biggest Libraries in the World

Library is the place where the blooms of knowledge sprout. It is considered as the center of education and helps preserve the vast collection of encyclopedia or books for the present generations and the generations to come. Even in this current era of the digital world, no one can deny the importance of Libraries as they serve as the foundation of the academic infrastructure. People in search of the huge volume of data and information visit libraries which aid them for academic studies, research work and for their jobs. Whatever their incentives are, a good library provides shelter to all those who seek knowledge and love to pursue books for their assistance.

List of Top 10 Most Largest & Biggest Libraries in the World

Considering the size and the collection of books, there are ten biggest libraries in the world which are famous for their infinite collection of books, from centuries-old books to the most recent writings all are available there. Following are the top ten biggest libraries in the world:

10- London’s British Library:

London is the city that attracts many of the tourists from some other countries. It also does attract plenty of the knowledge seekers from around the globe. It has the great British library that has no parallel in the whole UK. It is currently having 150 million pieces of writings; these figures are expected to increase each year at the rate of 3 million pieces annually. These writings do not only carries British works and manuscripts but also has some scholarly works in tons of other languages of the world.

British_library_london-top ten biggest libraries

9- New York Public Library:

New York is the home to another great library which has 11 million books residing in the various wings of its section. This study place allows the general public to get access to the books related to history, unveiling more information. This library does not consist of only one building, but it has many of its branches located in different areas of New York. It is however not funded by Government but runs on the funding from some philanthropists and private individuals.

New York public library-top ten biggest libraries

8- Kiev’s Vernadsky National Scientific Library of Ukraine:

Established in 1918, Vernadsky National Library is the epicenter of information in the country. Most of its collection find its roots connected to 18th and 19th century’s work of scholars. It has the eighth largest collection which not only includes scientific work and archives but also consists of the compilation of cultural compositions or manuscripts. The total collection is estimated to be more than 13million books, out of which half a million consist only documents and research work.

Ukraine-Top ten biggest libraries in the world

7- Frankfurt’s German National Library:

Germany has a history rich in educational progress and academic excellence. Though it is the land of many libraries, yet Frankfurt’s German National Library is the largest library of not only of Germany, but it is the seventh largest in the world. It is the house of 18.5 million books. It carries the great heritage of German academia including all publications written on propaganda during the world war and other works of German scholars. Other than books, this library also has reserves of German music records in one of its sections.

Frankfurt library-top ten biggest libraries

6- St. Peters-burg’s Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences:

Russia’s second largest library, St. Petersburg’s library has made it to the top ten list of the largest libraries of the world. It is the sixth largest in the world. However, the number of books it had initially was 20 million which is now reduced significantly due to the fire incident it had. It is funded by Russian Federation. It carries the writings of the famous writers, research work of great scientists and their findings.

st.petersburg-top ten biggest libraries

5- Ottawa’s National Library of Canada:

Canada’s Ottawa National Library was established in 1953 with the aim of reserving and preserving the old heritage of Canada of great text work, documents, pictures and other pieces of ancient writings. It has the fifth largest collection of books comprising of 19 million books. All the books are kept in special safety vaults, and the visitors can only access them with permission or with the membership rights.

ottawa-top ten biggest libraries

4- Massachusetts’ Harvard University Library:

Harvard University is one of the most renowned universities in the world. It has the fourth largest hoard of books consisting of 13 million books approximately which are divided into 90 different wings of the library. The foundation of this University was laid by John Harvard, who initially added 400 books to it while this figure rose to many folds in the years that came by after it. It was established in the year 1638, ever since then this library became the center of great scholarly works and richest writings of the American history.

harvardlibrary-top ten biggest libraries

3- Beijing’s National Library of China:

China has the third largest library in the world, the National Library of China. Even being in the eastern part of the world, China is worthy of all the appraisal for creating and maintaining such enormous reserve of knowledge. The national library of China is located in Beijing, hoarding all the great compilations of ancient Chinese writings and scripts. It is currently the home for 26.3 million books.

national-library-beijing-china-top ten biggest libraries

2- Moscow’s Institute for Scientific Information Russian Academy of Sciences

The second most humongous library in the world is the library of Moscow’s Institute for Scientific Information Russian Academy of Sciences which is located in Moscow Russia. It contains all sort of data and books written on linguistics, biology, and nuclear power. Years of research works carried out by Russian scientists and experts is now preserved in this library. Now the collection is raised up to as many as 13.5 million books. It has 500 members currently, sharing the variant levels of its membership.

moscow-top ten biggest libraries

1- Washington, D.C.’s Library of Congress:

The great Library of Congress is the most largest library in the world. It is situated in Washington DC USA. It consists of four buildings, providing enough room to accommodate as many as 30 million books. This enormous reserve of writings covers almost each of the discipline in every other language we can think. It also has long old history which dates back to even 1812 when the major portion of its collection was sold, but the loss was compensated when Thomas Jefferson sold 6456 books to the library from his personal collection.

Washington, D.C.’s Library of Congress

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